This course is run at twilight.  The ambient sky colour plus city and building lights make for the most dynamic images.  Therefore times vary throughout the year in accordance with the sunset.

One of the biggest technical limitations imposed on digital photographers is the inability to capture a wide tonal (dynamic) range in one shot. Inevitably, one gets the highlights and no shadows, or the shadows and no highlights. The only way to deal with this shortcoming is to shoot and process multiple exposures to produce what’s called a High Dynamic Range (or HDR) photograph. In this way, both highlight and shadow details are included, thus creating stunning visual effects. This course will cover the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of HDR photography.

Over the course of 3 hours you be guided through the world of photo layering and HDR  composition, when to use it and how to bracket your images.  Each course has a maximum of 6 students which therefore leaves plenty of time for one on one mentoring.


  • Refresher on camera basics
  • Presentation and theory of HDR image making
  • Shooting HDR image components under supervision at the location
  • Assembling and creating the HDR imagery


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the basics of HDR image making
  2. Under their own initiative to work independently of the class environment
  3. Master the camera features and functions
  4. Master the HDR process using software applications



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