8 week Photoshop Course for Beginners|  2hrs per week

Learn the tips and tricks of editing photos to create a professional image.

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Week one

Photoshop workspace

  • The Photoshop workspace
  • Organizing Photoshop panels
  • Changing the Photoshop view
  • Working with tabbed documents
  • Working with the Zoom tool
  • Preferences overview
  • Rulers, grids and guides in Photoshop CC
  • Screen modes

Adobe Bridge

  • What is Bridge CC?
  • Customizing the Bridge workspace

Week two

Essential tasks

  • Starting in Camera Raw instead of Photoshop
  • Using Undo and the History panel
  • Removing a person from the background with masking
  • Changing the color of an object
  • Swapping heads in a family portrait
  • Understanding resolution
  • Removing blemishes with the Spot Healing Brush and the Patch tool
  • Sharpening and perfecting your photos with Smart Sharpen

Week three


  • Layers panel explained
  • Aligning images within multiple layers
  • Reducing chaos with layer groups
  • Backgrounds and layers
  • Merging layer techniques
  • The basics of blend modes
  • Understanding layer styles
  • Generating a flexible drop shadow
  • Create cool effects with layer groups in Photoshop
  • Exploring layer basics

Week four

Selecting parts of an image

  • Basic selection techniques
  • Essential selections
  • The Magic Wand and Quick Selection tools
  • Building and editing a mask
  • Selection 101
  • Selecting soft edge objects with Refine Edge
  • Working with Refine Edge

Week five

Image adjustments

  • Introducing adjustment layers
  • Improving tonal quality with Levels
  • Reading a histogram and using the Info panel
  • Increasing midtone contrast with Curves
  • Shifting colors with Hue/Saturation
  • Controlling which layers are affected by an adjustment layer
  • Lightening and darkening image areas with Dodge and Burn
  • Converting color to black and white
  • Creating traditional darkroom toning effects

Week Six

Cropping and transforming

  • Resizing an image to a smaller size
  • Non-destructive crops
  • Cropping and straightening an image
  • Cropping to ratios, fixed sizes and resolution
  • Understanding canvas size
  • Crop to add canvas
  • The relationship between pixels and image sizing
  • Making non-destructive transformations with Smart Objects


  • Removing skin blemishes with the healing brushes
  • Using Content-Aware Fill to remove distractions
  • Removing dust and scratches
  • Fixing rips and creases

Week Seven

Painting, drawing, and type

  • Vector shape tools
  • Draw and align shapes
  • Cropping and merging shapes
  • Combine shapes
  • Working with vector-based shape layers
  • Brushes 101
  • Creating a paragraph style

Week eight


  • Smart filters and the filter gallery
  • Controlling a filter’s opacity
  • Sharpening an image with Unsharp Mask
  • Using the new three-part Blur Gallery
  • Creating a soft glow with the Gaussian Blur filter
  • Creative uses for Liquify

Printing and sharing photos

  • Exploring the print dialog
  • Printing smaller size proofs
  • Creating contact sheets

Certificate of completion at Graduation on week 8.  Must have attended all classes to receive certificate.