• Introduction to Photography
  • Get to know your camera
  • Composition
  • Perspective
  • Framing
  • Photographing landscapes, people, architecture, animals and landscape.
  • Shutter speed focus.  Capturing movement, understanding how to freeze motion and capture movement.
  • Aperture Focus. Concentrating 0n Depth of Field for creativity and sharpness.
  • We also touch on ISO
  • Some very creative shot assignments
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Note: School Holiday Photography Workshops  (8-16)

With our kids photography workshops, photography learning is a fun-filled activity with lots of practical sessions and hands-on skills. Our customised syllabus are targeted specifically to young children and teenagers wanting to learn more about photography, ensuring that the kids are engaged throughout the whole workshop, while taking home valuable skill sets that are not just about photography but social interaction and teamwork.For those children that complete both days they will receive a certificate of completion.Kids-portaiture-course


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About the Instructor12046835_192582004408971_4886845997520483740_n

Michelle Kennedy is a mother of 16 year old Hunter, who at the age of six won the Lord Mayors photographic award  (2007) from Michelle’s teachings.

Michelle has had a love of photography since picking up her dad’s camera at 4 and taking photos of ducks. Receiving her first camera at 7 years old and buying her first SLR at 15, Michelle has over 30 years experience and a passion for photography that is contagious.  In 2013 she was invited to LA to photograph the stars.  In the 10 days she was there she met and ‘shot’- Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Gardner, Paris and Nikki Hilton, Dustin Hoffman, Matthew Perry, Courtney and Khloe Kardashian plus many more. 

The kids workshops were formed when other parents asked Michelle to train their kids and everyone had so much fun that Radiant image Photography adopted it as an on going option for school holiday fun.  (We’re not sure who has more fun – Michelle or the kids!!)

Michelle has a blue card and whilst team leader at Victoria Point Santa Photos in 2013 received multiple compliments from Santa, Centre Management and many Parents about how much better the photos that year were compared to the last years because she took the time to make each family feel special and comfortable and captured real smiles not fake ones.  Michelle has immense patience, fantastic teaching skills and loves sharing her passion with the next generation of photographers.