Learn at your own pace.

With our personalised, private photography workshops we work around your schedule and create a course to suit you and your group. You can ask our professional photography mentors as many questions as you like.  Here, we welcome beginner and intermediate level photographers to join us.


There is nothing like learning with friends in your own private photography course. Ideal for the beginner wanting to learn about photography. This course is designed for school groups, play groups and school holiday programs.  Each course can be tailored for the individual teachers outcome. ie specific photo competition or theme.

Over the last 5 years of teaching Michelle has taught over 200 students.  The private course is a full back stage pass where you can customise the course to what you want, or let us design it for you with our tried and tested format.    Do you want to focus on portraiture, nature, macro photography, landscape or studio work and lighting?  It’s up to you.  Simply let me know what your after and we can arrange it all for you.

If you have a school group or you are an activity leader then this session can be booked for 6-15 children. 

Skill Level Required:
Suitable for complete beginners

Equipment/Clothing Required:
– Digital SLR, spare battery

If outside then bring/wear:

– Sturdy, Comfortable Walking Shoes.
– Suitable clothing for all wet and dry weather conditions.

Some ideas you may like to include in your tuition
    Correct camera menu and display set up,
    Jpeg V’s RAW (What’s best and why), Discover the relationship between Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed.
    Understand your depth of field and control what’s in focus. Control your shutter speed and create movement effects.
    An essential skill and something any landscape photography should know and master. Learn to shoot and create your own high resolution, detailed panoramas (No expensive equipment required).
    Knowing and using the natural light in the city to your advantage, learn how to predict it and read it. Learn how to shoot at night correctly.
    Learn to use Natural Density and polarising filters correctly and creatively to enhance your images.
    Lets have a detailed look at not just the physical composition of an image, but also the composition of light and shutter speed to make your image POP.  Learn the five rules of composition that will work in every scenario.

All kids group course include games and are very interactive to keep the kids interested.  It is a requirement that at least two other adults (parents or teachers) be present per 15 kids.