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This is Brisbane’s ONLY Photography Course that includes a history tour as well.  This tour is perfect for people who are interested in learning more about Brisbane whilst advancing their photographic skills.

This 5 hour workshop will show you how to use your digital camera using settings beyond straight automatic. Discover and capture some of Brisbanes lesser known landmarks whilst improving your photographic skills on this fun and informative digital photography walking tour. Suitable for all photographers – Beginner to Enthusiast -all levels of expertise will get something from this.

Whether you live in Brisbane, south east Queensland or are simply a tourist here, you’ll be amazed at the things you’ll learn the stories you’ll hear and the wonderful photographs you’ll take away. These classes are designed to be fun and informative. The small class size means plenty of personal attention. If you are a beginner I will show you what you need to know now.

If you already know the basics I will help you take your photography to the next level. Subjects covered include; Understanding Exposure, how to prevent under and over exposure using the Histogram combined with Exposure Compensation.

Take the guess work out of exposure control. Setting White Balance for natural colour. You will learn how to match the camera’s white balance to the colour of the prevailing light. You will also learn how to use WB creatively; turn day in to night, add warmth to a portrait. DSC_02612007-11-08DSC_0261Learn how to control movement through setting Shutter Speeds.

We look at how to freeze fast moving subjects and how to create a creamy appearance in flowing water. One of the most important creative controls available to a photographer is the ability to control Depth Of Field.

We will explore using Apertures to throw distracting backgrounds out of focus (or keep interesting back in focus). We will discuss important accessories including filters, lenshoods, flash and imaging software. Using your own Digital SLR or compact camera (DSLR is preferred but if you don’t have one you’ll still get a lot out of this day from a fun, informative and composition point of view), this hands on, full day workshop, covers the basic and fundamental techniques of digital photography; whilst capturing images of late 19th Century architecture, remnents from expo 88, people, Australia fauna, water reflections and city scapes both in the day and at twilight. The evening session will give you time to capture the city at its prettiest.  Giving you confidence to capture any city in any light.

Once you have the skills they can be used everywhere. I look forward to sharing my love of photography with you. The best ‘all rounder’ introductory course to digital photographyASC_1539

  • Iconic locations
  • Outdoors & night photography
  • Small groups
  • Hands on’ camera handling
  • Fundamental techniques of photography
  • Detailed notes
  • Portraits, cityscapes, reflections, macro shots & more
  • Cost:  $240

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LOCATION:  Brisbane


DESCRIPTION: Digital 1 photography course is our most popular and introduces beginners and intermediate photographers into the fabulous world of digital imaging. Its cost effective, you can adjust your images, delete the bad photographs, display them in a variety of mediums. Digital photography is fun, creative and inspirational. We focus on practical ‘hands on’ shooting with a strong emphasis on camera handling at both iconic and lesser known locations – not sitting in a classroom learning theory. There’s intuitive instruction on lighting and composition along with everything from exposure control to white balance, from ISO settings to focus options. The course is about practical demonstrations to train your eye to paint light onto a subject, how to select the right lens and the use of aperture and shutter speed to control the creative process. This course is ideal for those wishing to understand and get the best out of their current DLSR camera. If you do not have a digital camera yet we hire Nikon and Canon cameras. Its best to find out what camera system suits your budget and needs then utilize our unbiased technical advice on gear and suppliers to get the best deal. Radiant Image Digital 1 photography course is suited to anyone – from beginners to photo enthusiasts – anyone keen on grasping the fundamentals of photography in a variety of situations and even how to take some of those quirky photographic shots that really impress! The condensed one day course is ideal for business employees, travellers, students, parents, self employed – anyone who is stressed for time and would like introductory training in digital photography over a full day. We’re one of Australia’s most reputable and innovative photography companies – we have taught people from all walks of life for over 3 years.


  • Learn how to use your DLSR camera or digital compact properly
  • Fast track your photographic technical and artistic skills
  • Get great shots of iconic Brisbane locations
  • Small groups (10 people maximum)
  • Interactive, dynamic, fun, creative


    • Your DLSR digital camera functions
    • Memory, file sizes, formats, storage
    • Composition, light, viewpoint, angles, lens perspective
    • Aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO setting, white balance,
    • Portraiture, landscapes, still life, action, motion, cityscapes, architecture, nature
    • Use of your flash & shooting techniques in low-light conditions.

    INSTRUCTORS: Michelle Kennedy

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