ASC_0356-1024x549Welcome to a city where you are free to be whoever you want to be! Where you can escape to the natural splendour of Moreton Bay and Islands or the Scenic Rim and Country Valleys, experience world-class exhibitions at Australia’s largest Gallery of Modern Art and indulge in the countries premier live music scene, The Valley all in one day!

Discover Brisbane tour focuses on the History of the Morten Bay Penal Colony.

You’ll learn about the ghosts, the architecture, history, heros and villains and the story of murder that permeates this city and weaves it’s way to influence it still today.  You’ll see remnants from expo 88 and experience the flood levels Brisbane has seen over it’s short life.  Brisbane Mall is always a surprise and you never know what you’ll see from one day to another.  Learn  about the devil keeping watch at the old printing house and see the oldest building in Brisbane built by convicts and still very much in use today.

You’ll wander through this buzzing urban city with live music, the coolest cafes and an eclectic array of the finest restaurants.

Imagine being right in the heart of the city, surrounded by skyscrapers, as you experience your own river adventure go kayaking, roller-blading or hold your breath as you abseil 20 metres down the 20 million year old Kangaroo Point Cliffs theres a memorable Brisbane experience for everyone.

Heritage & Architecture
The Brisbane aesthetic is a mix of award winning modern architecture and classic designs from as far back as our colonial times. From museums that were built by convicts and housed Generals, to the Brisbane City Hall that holds the city’s museum, Brisbane is rich in a history that can be traced by simply walking around the CBD. And, as one of the fastest growing cities in the world, our innovation and creativity has seen exciting new designs emerge to contrast the old and define the style of our city.

This Tour is by appointment only.  Price depends on number of people.  Starts at $395 for one-two.  Cheaper per person as you get a bigger group.